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Drug charges pending for day care owner and son in South Carolina

When a residence is suspected of housing drug activity, everyone who lives within could soon be under investigation. In similar scenarios, it can be difficult to determine who, if anyone, was knowingly in possession of narcotics, leading to allegations of drug crimes against numerous individuals. A day care owner is facing drug charges following the recent search of a residence in South Carolina.

Authorities claim to have received information from an anonymous source, apparently indicating suspicious activity at the house. Upon initiating a search, they allegedly uncovered less than a gram of methamphetamine. The woman and her son were subsequently accused of operating a drug house, and the son also faces charges for the distribution of methamphetamine.

Pharmacy technician accused of embezzlement of public funds

Businesses in South Carolina and across the country often entrust employees with monetary responsibilities. When a business owner discovers any financial discrepancies, he or she may begin looking for someone to blame. Many individuals have been accused of a crime under similar circumstances. A pharmacy technician in South Carolina has been accused of embezzlement following a recent audit at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC).

The woman was a pharmacy technician at the university at the time. An auditor at MUSC claims to have discovered that certain funds were missing, and subsequently reported her to public safety. According to the auditor, she allegedly stole over $10,000 in funds over a two year period. She was arrested and charged with embezzling public funds, and is reportedly out on bail while awaiting a court date.

Assistant principal retires following drunk driving accusations

Dashboard cameras are a common sight in law enforcement vehicles on South Carolina roads. These cameras are often used to record events that take place during traffic stops and arrests. Although they can record the current situation, they cannot explain the various circumstances that might apply accordingly. A South Carolina man has been arrested after allegedly failing drunk driving tests performed in front of a dash cam.

An assistant principal at a local high school was recently stopped by authorities at a nearby gas station. Apparently suspicious of his intoxication, they began to administer field sobriety tests. They say he failed to perform in an acceptable manner. The tests took place in clear view of a dash cam inside a police car.

Man in South Carolina facing charges for criminal sexual conduct

Allegations for a sex-related crime can have a devastating impact on the life of an accused individual. Facing similar charges can often be stressful and intimidating, especially if the individual in question was recently arrested in relation to other criminal charges. A man in South Carolina may be experiencing similar challenges after he was recently accused of first-degree criminal sexual conduct.

According to police, a call was received from a local medical center after a woman claimed that she was the recent victim of a sexual assault. She claims that the incident took place at her home, where a man allegedly held her down by her wrists throughout the incident. According to the pending charges, the man was allegedly in possession of a firearm at the time.

Man wanted for alleged theft is now facing multiple drug charges

Surveillance footage is commonly used in the search and apprehension of individuals who are suspected of a crime. Photos may give authorities a general idea of indicators to look for, such as clothing or a tattoo. Of course, similar indicators may be present among multiple individuals in the area. A man in South Carolina is facing drug charges after he was apprehended and questioned about a recent theft.

Authorities were reportedly searching for the man in relation to the alleged theft of several iPhones and cash from a nearby store. The incident was apparently captured by surveillance, and police advised the photos could be useful in the search. They claim to have found him at a local bar and grill wearing a hat that was apparently close in appearance to the one worn during the incident in question.

Police officer loses job following accusations of drunk driving

Countless individuals over the years have lost out on employment opportunities on account of accusations for driving under the influence. For police officers, simply being accused of drunk driving can be stressful and shameful. Officers who are terminated following an arrest may also experience difficulty finding future employment in a related field. A former police officer in South Carolina may experience similar challenges after he was recently arrested and accused of driving under the influence while on duty.

According to reports, the on-duty officer was forced to undergo field sobriety tests taken out by the South Carolina Highway Patrol. They also claim to have found a container of alcohol within his vehicle. He was taken into custody following the event and faces charges for DUI and transporting alcohol in a motor vehicle with the seal broken. His employment has reportedly been terminated following a disciplinary board hearing in relation to the event.

4 arrested for drug crimes after search of home in South Carolina

Over recent years, authorities have executed search warrants following the alleged purchase of narcotics by undercover officers an/or informants. This process has led to the arrest of numerous individuals, who often find themselves accused of drug crimes soon thereafter. Four people were recently arrested and are currently facing drug trafficking charges following the search of a home in South Carolina.

Authorities claim to have purchased drugs from one of the individuals while undercover. The alleged purchase then led to the execution of a search warrant at a nearby residence. According to authorities, the search uncovered a significant amount of crystal methamphetamine, along with various other narcotics. They proceeded to arrest four individuals in relation to the event, who are all accused of trafficking crystal methamphetamine, along with possession with intent to distribute heroin.

South Carolina woman accused of sex crimes with a minor

When an individual is facing criminal accusations, he or she may often be unsure how to proceed. Being accused of a crime can be stressful and intimidating, especially concerning accusations of sexual misconduct with a minor. A conviction in this area can be detrimental to a person in various ways. A woman in South Carolina has recently been accused of sex crimes involving a teenager.

The 32-year-old woman allegedly met the 14-year-old boy at a local church while volunteering. Authorities claim to have received a report of sexual acts between the two individuals, and subsequently launched an investigation into the matter. Police claim that the investigation found that the woman had committed numerous sexual acts with the boy over the course of a year. There was no indication of what specific evidence was found that would determine that the alleged sexual acts had taken place.

South Carolina man accused of drunk driving after hitting a tree

Many individuals across the country have been accused of a crime following a car accident. This is often the case if the situation involves a single car that has gone off the road. Facing charges for drunk driving can be challenging and can affect an individual in various ways. A South Carolina man was recently arrested is being accused of DUI following a recent accident under similar circumstances.

According to the South Carolina Highway Patrol, the man ran his SUV off the road and hit a tree. His wife and two children were with him in the vehicle, and although police say that no one was wearing a seat belt at the time, each of them suffered only minor injuries in the process. He was arrested and is now facing multiple charges, along with driving under the influence of alcohol, in relation to the accident

Teacher facing charges for drug crimes in South Carolina

Clearly, being accused of a crime can have a negative impact on a person in various ways. Individuals who are facing charges for drug crimes often experience difficultly in many different areas of life, including employment and/or reputation. These areas are important to many individuals who often seek to protect themselves when forced to face a similar circumstance. A high school teacher was recently arrested and accused of drug crimes in South Carolina.

Allegedly, authorities believed the teacher to be under the influence of a controlled substance while on campus at a local high school. Police claim to have found pills and two glass pipes on the woman at the time. She was arrested on site and charged with possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia.

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